If you own a piano, you may already be familiar with the challenges that come with relocating the instrument to a new house, apartment, or condo. Pianos are heavy, delicate, and require a professional to safely transport it to a new location.

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Professional Piano Movers

If you have a piano that needs to be taken with you to your new residence, hiring a professional piano mover in Louisville and nearby areas will help you a stress-free move. Our trained, athletic professionals have experience in moving pianos and will do so carefully. Cardinal Moving’s team of piano movers also ensure:

  • You won’t hurt yourself – Pianos often weigh an incredible amount and are awkwardly shaped. Attempting to move one yourself is impossible, but even if you have several friends helping you, it’s something you should avoid. Successfully moving a piano requires proper training.
  • Use of the right equipment – Moving a piano requires a few pieces of special equipment to keep damage at a minimum. Piano movers have dollies and other systems to help get your piano out of your old home, into the truck, and into your new home.
  • Successful navigation of difficult areas – Pianos are often too big to move down small stairways or to fit into elevators. A professional piano mover is skilled in figuring out how to move the piano most effectively, whether it’s flipping it on its side to lower it down your stairs or removing it using specialized equipment through your windows and down to street level.
  • Your piano will be damage-free – Your piano is expensive and can be easily damaged if you try to move it without a professional. Cardinal Moving piano movers know exactly how to maneuver a piano in and out of homes and apartments to prevent any damage from occurring.
  • Piano movers will work quickly – Due to the experience, training, and equipment that professional piano movers have, it won’t take them nearly as long to get your piano out of your old home and loaded safely and securely into their moving truck.

Cardinal Moving Piano Movers

At Cardinal Moving, we are a locally owned moving company who values each customer and delivers exceptional service when helping residents move their piano from one location to the next. We are considered the premier moving service in the Jefferson County area. At Cardinal Moving, we:

  • Only hire full-time employees who are fully licensed, insured, and trained
  • Have flat rates fees
  • Offer a variety of moving services to make your transition as easy as possible

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If you own a piano and are relocating, hire the professionals at Cardinal Moving. You’ll keep yourself and your piano damage-free and be able to focus on the exciting aspects of your move.

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