As a responsible gun owner, you’re careful to keep your armory secure. This probably means you have a gun safe to store arms and ammunition. If a big move is coming up, you might worry about the hassle of moving such a large, cumbersome item, which could rival the size of your refrigerator and weigh several hundred pounds.

With our years of experience moving all sorts of heavy residential and commercial equipment, you can trust Cardinal Moving to tackle the job. Expect your entire move to go smoothly with our help, whether you’re relocating your entire home or business, or you just need to transport your gun safe to a new location.

Guidelines for Moving Gun Safes

Before your gun safe movers arrive, make sure you follow the proper procedures for a smooth transport. Here are the guidelines that apply to moving gun safes:

  • Gather your gun registration and licenses to show your movers and prove rightful ownership of your armory. Without this paperwork, your movers will be unable to transport your guns.
  • Make sure all weapons are unloaded prior to placing them in the safe for transport.
  • Remove all ammunition from the safe before asking your movers to transport it. Ammo is not permitted on the moving truck.

For answers to any questions you have about these guidelines, please call Cardinal Moving at 502-599-2661.

Advantages of Hiring Gun Safe Movers & Delivery Services In Louisville

While hiring professional movers requires an investment, the cost is well worth it. Here are just a few of the benefits you enjoy from choosing Cardinal Moving to transport your gun safe:

  • Avoid injury: When you hand off the responsibility of moving your several-hundred-pound gun safe to a professional mover, you avoid the chance of personal injury.
  • Reduce the risk of damaging your safe: Our team has the tools and experience necessary to transport your gun safe with greater ease, reducing the chance of dropping or damaging it.
  • Free up your time: You have other concerns to worry about than just transporting your gun safe. Let us handle this cumbersome task so you can focus on other moving day logistics.

Arrange to Move Your Gun Safe with Cardinal Moving

Other movers in Louisville claim they can move your safe, but will they deliver on moving day? The last thing you want is for your movers to discover they can’t perform the move safely because they don’t have the right equipment or workforce.

Fortunately, things are different with Cardinal Moving. We have highly capable, well-trained movers who can transport your gun safe without issue. Our number one priority is to move your property with the utmost care, so trust us to navigate stairs with precision and pad your safe adequately in the truck to prevent bumps, scratches, or other damage. We promise to deliver your safe in the same condition it was in when you entrusted it to us!

To hire gun safe movers or schedule other moving services in Louisville, please contact Cardinal Moving at 502-599-2661.