A team of commercial movers in Lyndon, KY
As a small business owner living and working in Lyndon, you must decide what to do after outgrowing your current location.  Do you move, or do you stay, just because you’re afraid of the effect moving could have on your bottom line?

Don’t let the fear of high costs or a long moving process stop you from maximizing your company’s potential—move into a larger space with affordable, convenient, and reliable commercial moving services from Cardinal Moving!

Commercial Movers in Lyndon, KY

Light commercial moving is one of our specialties. Whether you plan to relocate your office locally or long distance, take advantage of the following commercial moving services we provide:

  • Commercial packing assistance from two athletic, well-trained movers
  • Commercial loading and unloading services, either with the moving truck you provide or a clean, well-stocked, 26-foot truck from Cardinal Moving
  • Additional commercial mover to help with packing, loading, and unloading for an additional fee
  • Driving services to transport your business to the new location

Could You Benefit from Hiring Commercial Movers in Lyndon?

Cardinal Moving delivers a smooth business transition at a low hourly rate. If this is important to you, consider the other ways our commercial movers in Lyndon can benefit you:

  • Avoid heavy lifting: You specialize in running your business, not hauling and loading heavy furniture, electronics, and equipment! Leave these tasks to our clean-cut movers who have special training and experience to avoid injuries.
  • Make your move fast and efficient: You don’t want moving day to drag on, but you also need everything to arrive in pristine condition. Our commercial movers in Lyndon have mastered the art of moving small businesses quickly and carefully for the shortest move time without risking damage to anything.
  • Enjoy more free time to run your business: With commercial movers to lend a hand, you can continue to run your business as usual right up until moving day. This is good news for your bottom line, as well as your clients and business partners.

What Makes Cardinal Moving the Best Commercial Movers in Lyndon?

Once you decide to hire a commercial mover, you’ll quickly learn that not all Lyndon moving companies are created equal. Cardinal Moving is the best at what we do because:

  • We are locally owned and efficiently managed by MBA graduates. Since we don’t pay franchise fees, we can pass the savings on to you.
  • We’re upfront about our rates, and we never tack on additional fees. We also don’t round up in 15-minute increments, so you only pay for the time you use.
  • Full Commercial Insurance, including Actual Value Replacement, comes with every job for your protection in the rare instance that something goes wrong on moving day.
  • We employ full-time professional movers to guarantee excellent customer satisfaction.

Scheduling Lyndon Commercial Movers

We believe relocating your office should be as painless as possible. To ensure this describes your upcoming move, choose Cardinal Moving!

Contact us online or call 502-599-2661 and request a free commercial moving quote today.