Do you have the opportunity to relocate your growing business to a larger office? Are you concerned by the possibility of losing business around moving day? With help from Cardinal Moving in Louisville, you’ll receive the professional help you need to streamline your commercial move and minimize downtime.

Louisville Commercial Moving Services

We offer light commercial moving services for small offices with up to approximately 40 employees or less. Whether you’re staying here in Louisville or relocating outside city limits, we can help. Here’s what our commercial moving services for Louisville businesses include:

  • Commercial packing: Two clean-cut movers help box up your electronics and equipment and provide furniture wrapping and disassembly services.
  • Commercial loading/unloading: Our movers load boxes and furniture onto the truck. If you prefer, you can rent a clean, 26-foot truck with all the pads, dollies, and tools you need from us. We’ll load and unload this truck for you.
  • Commercial hauling: We’ll also drive the moving truck to your new business location. We charge a flat $25 travel fee for local moves within Jefferson County and $1.50/mile for moves outside Louisville.
  • Additional commercial mover available: You can hire a third clean-cut mover to help pack, load, and unload for an additional $30/hour.

Do You Need Louisville Commercial Movers?

Relocating your business is a chore for you and your employees, but it doesn’t have to be. With our Louisville commercial movers, we make packing, loading, unloading, and transportation a quick and painless process. Here are the benefits of working with Cardinal Moving:

  • Avoid personal injury: Our team of athletic movers are used to the rigors of moving day, including packing, bending, lifting, carrying, and loading. Let us handle these tasks, so you don’t throw out your back and create more downtime for your business in the process.
  • Careful, efficient moving services: Professional movers strike the perfect balance between speed and caution. We work efficiently to move your office in the shortest window possible. At the same time, our careful attention to detail ensures everything arrives at your new office location in pristine condition.
  • Free up your time on moving day: As a business owner, you can’t simply put everything on hold while you relocate your office. You have clients to meet with, phone calls to make, and other logistical items to cross off your to-do list. When you hand the responsibilities of moving over to the professionals, you free up time to complete these important tasks.

Moving Businesses Throughout Jefferson County, Kentucky

Why Choose Our Louisville Commercial Movers?

Not all commercial movers in Louisville are created equal. Here are the top reasons our customers love working with us:

  • Locally owned: As a locally owned moving company, Cardinal Moving doesn’t owe franchise fees to a corporate office. As a result, we’re able to offer some of the lowest moving rates in Louisville.
  • Fair billing practices: Other moving companies try to lure you in with the promise of low rates, only to tack on additional fees later. With Cardinal Moving, we’re upfront about our prices and never nickel-and-dime our customers.
  • Full Commercial Insurance: We offer complete insurance coverage, including Actual Value Replacement, for your peace of mind on moving day.
  • Full-time employees: Our professionally trained workers provide better customer satisfaction than day laborers.

Schedule Commercial Moving Services in Louisville

At Cardinal Moving, our goal is to make your upcoming commercial move as painless as possible, both physically and financially. When you’re ready for your free commercial moving quote, please contact Cardinal Moving online or call 502-599-2661.