If you own a small business in Fern Creek, you probably love living and working just 30 minutes from downtown Louisville. Perhaps you were recently presented with the chance to move your growing business to a larger building. You don’t want to turn the offer down, but you’re afraid of losing business leading up to moving day. Put all your fears to rest and count on affordable, convenient, and reliable commercial moving services from Cardinal Moving!

Commercial Moving Services in Fern Creek, KY

If your business has approximately 40 employees or less, Cardinal Moving can help with your light commercial move. Whether the relocation is local or long distance, we invite you to take advantage of our commercial moving services:

  • Commercial loading and unloading, either into the truck you provide or a clean, well-stocked, 26-foot truck rented from Cardinal Moving
  • Commercial hauling for safe transportation to the new location
  • An extra commercial mover to assist with packing, loading, and hauling for an additional fee

Why Hire Commercial Movers in Fern Creek?

Moving your office could be a real chore for you and your employees, but with our Fern Creek movers by your side, commercial moving is quick and painless. Here’s why:

  • You avoid personal injury: You have experience running a business, not packing, loading, and hauling electronics, furniture, and office supplies! Sit back while our athletic movers handle the heavy lifting so you can avoid getting hurt.
  • You enjoy reliable services: Moving quickly is important to reduce downtime, but ensuring everything arrives in one piece is even more vital. With Cardinal Moving, our speed and careful attention to detail means you get the best of both worlds.
  • You have more time to run your business: It’s impossible to put everything on hold for days while you move your office. With commercial movers to take on the brunt of the work on moving day, you can continue running your business right up until the very last moment.

Why are We the Best Commercial Movers in Fern Creek?

So, you know you want to hire a commercial mover, but now you need to narrow down which company to work with. Here’s what makes Cardinal Moving different:

  • We are locally owned: Because we don’t pay franchise fees, we’re able to offer some of the lowest commercial moving rates in Fern Creek.
  • We’re upfront about our rates: The hourly rate we quote you is the rate you get. And unlike other movers, we don’t nickel-and-dime our customers by rounding up in 15-minute increments.
  • We carry Full Commercial Insurance: Don’t move without insurance! Take advantage of our full coverage options, including Actual Value Replacement, available with every job.
  • We employ full-time professional movers: We’ve found that professionally trained workers provide enhanced customer satisfaction compared to day laborers.

Hire Commercial Movers in Fern Creek

For a low-stress moving day, choose Cardinal Moving for your upcoming commercial move!

Contact us online or call 502-599-2661 to request a free estimate today.