A stress-free move requires careful planning, especially if you have children. This is an emotional roller coaster for everyone in the family, so it’s important to have a plan in mind to keep stress to a minimum. Follow these tips to help your upcoming move with kids go smoothly.

Before You Move: Let Your Kids Say Goodbye

Your children are probably anxious about the upcoming move, especially if they will be leaving their friends behind and attending a new school. To help your child’s emotional well-being, have a big farewell party and invite all your kids’ friends. Then, during your final week in town, visit your favorite shops and eat at local restaurants for the last time. As you do these things with your family, make sure your children know this isn’t a permanent goodbye, and focus on the fun adventures ahead!

Before You Move: Delegate Age-Appropriate Tasks

It’s easy to believe your children are just in the way, but if you think of them as little helpers, moving can be much less stressful. Give your kids tasks appropriate for their ages, such as handing you items to pack, labeling boxes, or packing their own room. This lightens your load and makes your moving preparations go faster.

On Moving Day: Make Arrangements for Childcare

Older kids can be a big help with last-minute packing and preparations, but smaller children tend to get underfoot. To keep yourself sane and your kids safe, have them spend the night at a friend’s house the day before the move. You’ll be able to focus on the task at hand without worrying about your child getting hurt or slowing the process down.

After You Move: Have Ideas in Mind for Meals

Moving day is usually long and tiring, and cranky kids only get crankier when they’re hungry. Keep snacks in the car for a quick solution when you’re too busy to pick up food somewhere. Then, have ideas in mind for where you might eat as a family once you move. It might be fun to try a local restaurant or deli to celebrate a successful moving day.

After You Move: Restore Normalcy to Your Routine

If your move took months to plan and execute, it might have gotten in the way of living a normal life. Once you get settled in your new house, strive to restore predictability to your schedule as soon as possible. Kids thrive on structured routines, so by re-establishing daily or weekly rituals, you help your children come to terms with a difficult move more quickly.

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