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8 Can’t Miss Moving Hacks

If you have a big move coming up, you’re probably stressed about the packing process and the possibility of belongings breaking on the way to your new home. Try these ingenious moving hacks to make sure you have a positive, low-stress moving experience. Moving Hacks Pack clothes efficiently: Slide a garbage bag directly over your… Read more »

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Are Hourly Movers Reputable?

If you have a move coming up, choosing the right moving company is one of the most important decisions you have to make. Along with considering experience and credentials, you should also take into account the way the mover charges for their services. You have two primary options: hourly movers and full-service movers that charge… Read more »

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5 Tips to Make Your Move with Kids Stress Free

A stress-free move requires careful planning, especially if you have children. This is an emotional roller coaster for everyone in the family, so it’s important to have a plan in mind to keep stress to a minimum. Follow these tips to help your upcoming move with kids go smoothly. Before You Move: Let Your Kids… Read more »

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UofL Off Campus Housing Breakdown: Part 1

If the University of Louisville recently accepted your application to attend, congratulations! Receiving a college education is an excellent choice for your future. Now, you just need to secure housing. If you don’t want to live on campus, there are plenty of off-campus housing options near UofL. Here are five choices that might interest you…. Read more »

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How to Pick Your New Apartment In Louisville

Are you moving into your first apartment to attend the University of Louisville? Perhaps you’re a young professional ready to upgrade to a downtown penthouse. Whatever the reason for your move, you’re excited to live in a nice apartment! To make sure you end up with a place that suits your needs, follow these tips… Read more »

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8 Things People Forget When Moving

In the hustle and bustle of moving, it’s easy for important tasks to slip your mind. This causes stress as you’re trying to relocate from one home to another. Whether you’re moving across the country or locally here in Louisville, remember these top eight things people forget when moving. 1. Label Boxes Correctly If you’re… Read more »

Apartment Moving Checklist Part One: Pre-Move

Hey Louisville! One of our sister companies, Hornet Moving (a moving company in Charlotte, NC), published this awesome guide to apartment moving. If you’re a U of L student, young professional in the area, or moving apartments at all, don’t miss this Apartment Moving Checklist Part One: Pre Move!     Transcription: Tell your property manager…. Read more »

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Cardinal Moving Workout of the Day 10/14/16

Workout of the Day -Friday Oct 14, 2016 Weighted Pull ups (pronated) – 5×7 Overhead Press – 5×7 Weighted Dips – 5×7 1 mile incline treadmill walk with weighted vest Don’t forget to call the Best Movers in Louisville, Ky for your next move! 502-599-2661 If you are ever in Charlotte, NC say hi to… Read more »

Cardinal Moving Workout of the Day 2/11/16

Workout of the Day -Thursday Feb 11, 2016 Every min on the Min – 20 min Min 1 – Back Squat x 3 Min 2 – Weighted Pull ups x 5 Min 3 – Wall Ball x 10 w 20 lb ball Min 4 – 4 Rope Climbs Deadlift – work up to a heavy… Read more »

Cardinal Moving Workout of the Day 2/9/16

Workout of the Day -Tuesday Feb 9, 2016 Work up to a heavy Clean and Jerk (Power or full Clean) Front Delt Raise superset w/ Seated Barbell Press – 4×8 Side Cable Raises GHD Sit Ups – 5×10 w/ 14 lb ball Tabata Planks (20 seconds on 10 seconds off for 8 rounds) Don’t forget… Read more »

  • Best Steak in Louisville? Our Movers Debate, Need Help from Fellow Louisville Brethren

    Hello Louisville Kentuckians, hope everyone had a great weekend and is looking forward to a great week.  Our movers were hanging out  this weekend and this question came up and became highly debated….who makes the best steak in Louisville KY??  There are a lot of great choices (as evidenced by the passionate debate haha).  So… Read more »

  • Let’s see whats going on in Louisville on Instagram (Movers Louisville KY)

    carsynkirbyxo [ T | M | L ]  24min Carsyn Kirby Normal  #beautiful, #belleoflouisville, #louisvilleky, #cardinals, ♥  @_chphoto, @latina_ballerina, @evalin_kelly, 95_lenny [ T | M | L ]  2h “H¥P€M@N” £3NN¥ Normal #training, #louisvilleky, #schneider, #coolwhiteguyasmytrainer, ♥  @gods_son20, @myborndaysept6th, @papedia, @phinal2fury_, 95_lenny #louisvilleKY #training #SCHNEIDER #coolwhiteGUYasmyTrainer   2h gods_son20 U luk bored asl bro lol   53min 95_lenny @gods_son20 hell yea.   38min gods_son20 I feel u bro I’m bored asl nd I’m off wrk   25min ebonyyy_rose [ T | M | L ]  3h Ebony Jurek Inkwell  #nayc13, #apostolic, #thereispower, #missingnayc13, #toofast, #missitalready, #bernard, #amazing, #larry, #inthenameofjesus, #louisvilleky, #pentecostal, #thankyoulord, #kfcyumcenter, ♥  @pentecostalgirl16, @drewkeatts, @erlene_martinez09, @__leahhhh_, republicbank [ T | M | L ]  3h Republic Bank Normal  #louisville, #louisvilleky, ♥  @weichert_louisville, @straitpinkie, @heatheratkins, @michaelkusman, republicbank St Matthews Banking Center Mgr Brad Savko went Over The Edge to… Read more »

  • Russ is coming back!! Our Louisville Movers are HYPED!!!!

    Happy Monday Louisville, KY.  Our movers are sooooo excited that Russ Smith is coming back to the Cardinals for his senior season!!!  Let’s go back-to-back!!!!!  Russ as a senior will be better than ever, Ware is healing, and the additions of Jones, Gill and Rozier give us the deepest backcourt in the country. Hancock will be our… Read more »

  • Cardinal Moving of Louisville KY’s Recent Facebook Posts

    Our most important post of the past week is this great pic, which highlights that everyone in Louisville KY,  Jefferson County KY and all of  Kentucky should raise their kids right….to be LOUISVILLE CARDINAL fans!!! Cardinal Moving shared Louisville Cardinals‘s photo. July 13 The Louisville Slam!!! ‪#‎L1C4‬ ‪#‎LouisvilleKY‬ ‪#‎GoCards‬ Like ·  · Share Boost Post 9 people saw this post    Cardinal Moving July… Read more »

  • Cool things going on in Louisville this Weekend

    Hope everyone in Louisville, KY has had a great Saturday so far…here are some cool events going on this weekend in and around Central Kentucky….via ( NASBUS: The New, Safe and Green Way to Tailgate to the Races Ever envisioned tailgating from the virtually the moment you leave your home to the time you… Read more »

  • Let’s see what’s going on in Louisville, KY by checking Instagram #L1C4

    Hello, Louisville Nation…hope everyone had a good weekend and is having a great Monday so far. We though it would be pretty cool to see what’s going on right now in Louisville by checking out the Instagram hastag #LexingtonKY. Here are some of the most recents pics from Louisville: leaser13 [ T | M | L ]  49min lisa harden Mayfair  #mycity, #louisville, #love, #summershowers, #stormrollinin, leaser13 #summershowers #stormrollinin #love #mycity #louisville   48min william_db [ T | M | L ]  54min… Read more »

  • Our Louisville Movers’ and Home Inspectors’ Favorite Downtown Apartment Complexes in Louisville

    Crescent Centre Louisville, Kentucky 40202 (0.40 miles) Price: From $730 | Beds: 1 – 2 Current Rent Specials Virtual Tour Videos (502) 871-3162 Check Availability St. Francis Apartments Louisville, Kentucky 40202 (0.48 miles) Price: $535-$1100 | Beds: 0 – 2 Current Rent Specials (502) 873-3662 Check Availability Fleur De Lis on Main Condominiums Louisville, Kentucky 40202 (0.51 miles) Price: $2000 | Beds: 2 Current Rent Specials Coupon (502) 785-3914 Check Availability The Worthington… Read more »

  • Louisville Cardinals are National Champions!!!! GO CARDS!!!!!!

    Louisville, KY and Lexington, KY both have college basketball heavily on their minds today…as do all our movers, pressure washers, home inspectors, mobile detailers, junk removers, pest controllers and furniture repairers.  The great basketball fans of our great state all have plenty to be happy and excited about.  Kentucky fans can be extremely happy and… Read more »