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8 Can’t Miss Moving Hacks

If you have a big move coming up, you’re probably stressed about the packing process and the possibility of belongings breaking on the way to your new home. Try these ingenious moving hacks to make sure you have a positive, low-stress moving experience. Moving Hacks Pack clothes efficiently: Slide a garbage bag directly over your… Read more »

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Are Hourly Movers Reputable?

If you have a move coming up, choosing the right moving company is one of the most important decisions you have to make. Along with considering experience and credentials, you should also take into account the way the mover charges for their services. You have two primary options: hourly movers and full-service movers that charge… Read more »

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5 Tips to Make Your Move with Kids Stress Free

A stress-free move requires careful planning, especially if you have children. This is an emotional roller coaster for everyone in the family, so it’s important to have a plan in mind to keep stress to a minimum. Follow these tips to help your upcoming move with kids go smoothly. Before You Move: Let Your Kids… Read more »

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UofL Off Campus Housing Breakdown: Part 1

If the University of Louisville recently accepted your application to attend, congratulations! Receiving a college education is an excellent choice for your future. Now, you just need to secure housing. If you don’t want to live on campus, there are plenty of off-campus housing options near UofL. Here are five choices that might interest you…. Read more »

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How to Pick Your New Apartment In Louisville

Are you moving into your first apartment to attend the University of Louisville? Perhaps you’re a young professional ready to upgrade to a downtown penthouse. Whatever the reason for your move, you’re excited to live in a nice apartment! To make sure you end up with a place that suits your needs, follow these tips… Read more »

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8 Things People Forget When Moving

In the hustle and bustle of moving, it’s easy for important tasks to slip your mind. This causes stress as you’re trying to relocate from one home to another. Whether you’re moving across the country or locally here in Louisville, remember these top eight things people forget when moving. 1. Label Boxes Correctly If you’re… Read more »

Apartment Moving Checklist Part One: Pre-Move

Hey Louisville! One of our sister companies, Hornet Moving (a moving company in Charlotte, NC), published this awesome guide to apartment moving. If you’re a U of L student, young professional in the area, or moving apartments at all, don’t miss this Apartment Moving Checklist Part One: Pre Move!     Transcription: Tell your property manager…. Read more »

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Cardinal Moving Workout of the Day 10/14/16

Workout of the Day -Friday Oct 14, 2016 Weighted Pull ups (pronated) – 5×7 Overhead Press – 5×7 Weighted Dips – 5×7 1 mile incline treadmill walk with weighted vest Don’t forget to call the Best Movers in Louisville, Ky for your next move! 502-599-2661 If you are ever in Charlotte, NC say hi to… Read more »

Cardinal Moving Workout of the Day 2/11/16

Workout of the Day -Thursday Feb 11, 2016 Every min on the Min – 20 min Min 1 – Back Squat x 3 Min 2 – Weighted Pull ups x 5 Min 3 – Wall Ball x 10 w 20 lb ball Min 4 – 4 Rope Climbs Deadlift – work up to a heavy… Read more »

Cardinal Moving Workout of the Day 2/9/16

Workout of the Day -Tuesday Feb 9, 2016 Work up to a heavy Clean and Jerk (Power or full Clean) Front Delt Raise superset w/ Seated Barbell Press – 4×8 Side Cable Raises GHD Sit Ups – 5×10 w/ 14 lb ball Tabata Planks (20 seconds on 10 seconds off for 8 rounds) Don’t forget… Read more »

  • Enjoy the Cold Weather Louisville Cardinal Nation

    Hope everyone in Louisville KY and all of Card Nation have had very good weeks so far and are excited about their weekends! The weather has been pretty harsh of late and has definitely decided to stay on the colder side unfortunately. Whether its warm or cold, at least you got the Louisville Cardinals &… Read more »

  • Happy New Year Louisville Card Nation (from your most trusted movers)

    Hope everyone in Louisville and in Cardinal Nation had a very fun & safe New Year’s Eve and New Years Day.  It is always a great time of year….fresh off Christmas….family and friends getting back together again….great football….great food.  Can’t ask for much more. All of us in Cardinal Nation got a bonus gift this… Read more »

  • Happy Holidays Good People of Louisville Card Nation!

    Hey good people of Louisville Cardinal Nation, hope all of you all have had a great day so far. We also hope that everyone is looking forward to a very fun holiday season! No matter what holiday you are celebrating this time of year, we hope you and all your loved ones have a great… Read more »

  • Happy Thanksgiving Louisville! GO CARDS!

    Hope everyone in Louisville has had a great November, enjoying the mix of good weather and in-coming chilliness. Our movers are all very excited about Thanksgiving and are hopeful that everyone else out there is as well. Nothing better enjoying good food, football and most importantly, family and friends. We are also VERY excited about… Read more »

  • Happy Halloween Louisville, KY!!!

    Hello great people of Louisville, KY and all of the great Jefferson County region. Our movers at Cardinal Moving hope everyone had a great weekend and a great Monday yesterday. The Louisville football game this weekend was another big win and step forward for Teddy’s Heisman campaign.  We still have an outside shot at a… Read more »

  • Happy Sunday Louisville….Cards are still on track for an EXCELLENT season

    Happy Sunday evening Louisville! Hope everyone had a good weekend despite the tough loss on Friday night for the Cards….we will be fine and still have PLENTY to accomplish this season! #LouisvilleKY #L1C4

  • Moving Tips from the Best Movers in Louisville KY

    Cardinal Moving of Louisville KY is committed to delivering quality service to our customers. Whether moving across town or to another city, we want to make your move as smooth as possible. We know that while exciting, moving can also be a hectic process. The best way to ensure a successful and cost effective move… Read more »

  • Teddy Bridgewater and the Louisville Cardinals take on the Kentucky Wildcats in Lexington this Saturday

    Good morning great people of Lexington, Louisville and all of Kentucky.  Hope everyone had a great weekend and is having a good start to the week.  This past weekend was pretty solid for both UK and Louisville as each team beat up on a weaker opponent.  Louisville moves to 2-0 and Kentucky moves to 1-1…. Read more »

  • Happy Labor Day Louisville KY and all of Card Nation!

    Hope everyone out there in Louisville KY has had a great Labor Day weekend!  Our Louisville KY movers have enjoyed the great weather and all of us in Card Nation should be smiling ear-to-ear after Teddy Bridgewater and the Louisville Cardinals beat up on Ohio University in Papa John’s Stadium on Sunday afternoon! Enjoy next… Read more »

  • Cardinal Moving | Louisville Movers | (502) 599-2661

    The stat of Louisville’s 2013 season is just 2 days away and our Louisville KY Movers couldn’t be more excited!  Hope everyone in and around Louisville has had a great week and is getting ready for a great weekend.  Charlie Strong and the Cardinals are about to beat up Ohio when the come to town… Read more »