Are you moving into your first apartment to attend the University of Louisville? Perhaps you’re a young professional ready to upgrade to a downtown penthouse. Whatever the reason for your move, you’re excited to live in a nice apartment! To make sure you end up with a place that suits your needs, follow these tips for picking your new apartment in Louisville.

Consider the Location

The first step is to look in the right place for vacant apartments. You probably want to live close to work, school, public transportation, grocery stores, and other conveniences. You also want the complex to be located in a safe neighborhood with a low crime rating and reasonable noise levels. Let these be your first considerations when deciding which Louisville apartments you should apply to.

Consider the Amenities

Decide which features you can’t live without in your new apartment. These might include on-site laundry, a fully equipped kitchen, central air conditioning, and secure windows and doors. Then, make a list of amenities that would be nice to have but not essential, such as reserved parking, a private deck, and an elevator. Keep these wants and needs in mind as you consider apartment communities in Louisville.

Set a Budget

You may be ready for an upgrade, but is your budget? As a general rule of thumb, housing should be no more than one-third of your monthly paycheck. This prevents rent from taking away from other necessities like food and clothing. If one apartment community is too costly, you may have to compromise on location and amenities to secure a more affordable price.

Take Note of Any Damage

If you become serious enough about an apartment complex to tour a vacant unit, pay attention to any damage you see. Cosmetic problems, such as scratched counters, dings in the wall, or peeling paint may not be a big deal, but things such as leaky faucets, broken door locks, and uneven floors are a greater cause for concern. Ask about having damaged items fixed or your rent lowered before you move in. If the landlord can’t agree to reasonable terms, it’s back to the drawing board.

Read the Lease Carefully Before You Sign

This is the most crucial step in securing the right new apartment in Louisville. Before you sign, make sure you understand the fine print of your lease. This is where included amenities, existing damage, lease terms, and rent price should be outlined clearly. Make sure you know all the provisions regarding pets, subleasing, penalties for breaking the lease, and more.

Get Help Moving to Your New Apartment in Louisville!

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