If you have a big move coming up, you’re probably stressed about the packing process and the possibility of belongings breaking on the way to your new home. Try these ingenious moving hacks to make sure you have a positive, low-stress moving experience.

Moving Hacks

  1. Pack clothes efficiently: Slide a garbage bag directly over your clothes hanging in the closet—hangers and all. This protects your clothes during the move and makes unpacking a breeze! For clothing stored in drawers, roll them rather than folding them to conserve valuable space. You can also save tons of room with Space Bags.
  2. Pack dishware creatively: One option is to place a disposable Styrofoam plate between each of your ceramic ones. It’s an easy and cheap way to protect your dishes. You can also layer plates between your shirts. Not only do you get to skip the bubble wrap, but you’re packing multiple belongings at once.
  3. Move bathroom items safely: The last thing you need is to have a lotion or shampoo bottle explode on moving day. Unscrew the cap, add a layer of plastic wrap, and screw the lid back on to prevent leaks.
  4. Use items you already have as “boxes”: Pack your heaviest items, such as dumbbells and magazines, in suitcases. Their handles and wheels mean they can take on heavy loads. Fill laundry baskets and water buckets with cleaning supplies to keep them accessible until the last minute and easy to carry on moving day. Empty your last load of trash and fill the can with gardening supplies or sporting equipment.
  5. Label boxes properly: Remember to label the top and at least one side of each box with its primary contents and the room it goes in. You can also use colored packing tape instead of writing the room names to save time and reduce confusion when unpacking.
  6. Tape hardware to the items they go with: To make sure you don’t lose furniture screws or picture frame attachments, place hardware in a zip-top bag, label the bag, and tape it to the item it goes with.
  7. Wrap draw organizer bins in plastic wrap: There’s no reason to unload your silverware and other drawer organizers—simply encase the whole thing in plastic wrap and load it into a box. You can even encase entire dresser drawers in plastic wrap, so you don’t have to empty them!
  8. Take pictures of electronic connections: Before you pack your TV or computer, snap a photo of the back so you know where the wires go when you’re getting set up in your new home.

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