Whether you’re moving to an apartment in the city to attend the University of Louisville, or you’re a young professional upgrading to a penthouse, you’re excited about your upcoming move! Still, to combat the stress of moving day, you’ll want to hire Louisville apartment movers to help with the job. At Cardinal Moving, we offer low, upfront pricing and exceptional customer service to help moving day go smoothly.

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Why Hire Louisville Apartment Movers?

You always have the option to load up the back of a pickup truck and bribe your friends to help you move, but hiring professional apartment movers in Louisville is well worth it. Here’s why:

  • No heavy lifting: Furniture and boxes are heavy and cumbersome. You could easily drop and break something or throw out your back if you’re not used to all this packing, bending, lifting, carrying, and loading. With a team of physically fit movers to handle these tasks on moving day, you can save your belongings and prevent injury.
  • Efficient packing and loading: Your family and friends aren’t adequately trained to pack fragile and valuable items. They’re not careful when cramming your boxes onto the trailer. They don’t hesitate to complain about the hard work. The scene is entirely different with professional movers, who are efficient, careful workers trained to empty your whole apartment in just a couple of hours.
  • More free time on moving day: You have so many items on your to-do list. How about letting movers tackle the packing and loading process so you can focus on other moving-day tasks?

Consider Your Apartment Building’s Moving Requirements

To help your apartment move go smoothly, submit your notice to vacate according to the terms of your lease. When you do, learn about any protocols you must follow on moving day. You might need to reserve the elevator, loading dock area, or parking near the building. There may be cut-off times or certain days of the week you’re allowed to move. Find out these details to prevent any hitches on moving day.

About Our Louisville Apartment Movers

Not all apartment movers in Louisville are created equal. Here’s what to expect when you choose Cardinal Moving:

  • Affordable services: We offer various services at affordable rates. Enjoy packing assistance from two clean-cut movers for $100/hour. If you rent your own truck, pod, or ABF trailer, but you still need help loading and unloading, request this service from two professional movers. You can also hire two athletic movers to load and drive a clean, 26-foot truck with all the pads, dollies, and tools you need. A third clean-cut mover can help pack and load for an additional $30/hour.
  • Locally owned: Cardinal Moving is a locally owned moving company efficiently managed by MBA graduates. Because we don’t pay franchise fees, we pass on these savings to you.
  • Fair billing practices: With Cardinal Moving, you always know what you’re paying upfront. We start and stop the clock at your apartment and never round up in 15-minute increments. We also charge a flat $25 travel fee for local moves within Jefferson County and $1.50/mile for moves outside Louisville.
  • Full commercial insurance: We’re always careful with your belongings, but in the rare instance that something goes wrong, our Actual Value Replacement Insurance has you covered.
  • Full-time employees: Our team features professionally trained employees, not day laborers, for the best service possible.

We Move Renters Throughout Jefferson County

Schedule Your Louisville Apartment Move

Some movers care more about the bottom line than your satisfaction. Leave these companies behind and choose Cardinal Moving instead! Call us at 502-599-2661 when you’re ready to schedule Louisville apartment moving services.